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2020 Great British Sailing Challenge

Draycote Dash
23-24 November 2019
Datchet Flyer
7-8 December 2019
Brass Monkey 27 December 2019
Grafham Grand Prix 29 December 2019
Bloody Mary 11 January 2020
King George Gallop 26 January 2020
John Merricks Tiger Trophy
1-2 February 2020
Oxford Blue 15 February 2020
Cheddar Ales Chase
4th-5th April 2020
Weston Grand Slam
11th-12th April 2020
Paignton Open for Single Handers (P.O.S.H.)
9th-10th May 2020
23rd-24th May 2020
13th-14th June 2020
Wilsonian River Challenge
20th-21st June 2020
Bala Long Distance
20th-21st June 2020
The Ullswater Ultimate
15-16 August 2020
Finals - Llandegfedd SC 26/27 September 2020

2021 Great British Sailing Challenge

Draycote Dash 21-22 November 2020
Datchet Flyer 5-6 December 2020
Brass Monkey 27 December 2020
Grafham Grand Prix 3 January 2020
Bloody Mary 9 January 2021
King George Gallop 23 January 2021
John Merricks Tiger Trophy
6-7 February 2021
Oxford Blue 13 February 2020
Cheddar Ales Chase 27-28 March 2021
Weston Grand Slam TBC
Paignton Open for Single Handers (P.O.S.H.) 8-9 May 2021
29-30 May 2021
Rutland TBC
Wilsonian River Challenge 26-27 June 2021
Bala Long Distance 19-20 June 2021
The Ullswater Ultimate TBC
Finals TBC


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The Great British Sailing Challenge is a series of handicap racing events that take place throughout the year, and it's open to pretty much any sail-powered craft. The Challenge will involve events throughout the whole year, with the target of around 100 boats taking part in each event on larger waters, and running events close to capacity on smaller lakes and reservoirs. Competing sailors will earn ranking points from each event they compete in, with the top 100 sailors invited to a winner-takes-all-final in Autumn 2020 to award the best sailors of the year. The series is managed by SailRacer.