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Results for Jonathan BAILEY

Class Type Date SailorName Rank FleetSize EventName
OPTIMIST May,2014 Jonathan BAILEY 100 210 Inlands View
OPTIMIST May,2015 Jonathan BAILEY 96 198 Optimist Inlands View
OPTIMIST October,2015 Jonathan BAILEY 76 164 Optimist EOS View
OPTIMIST September,2016 Jonathan BAILEY 64 170 Optimist Champs @IOCAUK View
OPTIMIST October,2014 Jonathan BAILEY 63 217 Optimist End of Seasons - Main Fleet View
OPTIMIST October,2016 Jonathan BAILEY 61 181 Optimist End of Seasons @IOCAUK View
Handicap February,2019 Jonathan BAILEY 54 160 Oxford Blue @SeldenMasts View
Handicap January,2020 Jonathan Bailey 49 288 Selden Sailjuice Winter #5 - Bloody Mary View
Handicap December,2017 Jonathan BAILEY 39 65 Grafham GP Slow @GJWDirectUK View
OPTIMIST May,2017 Jonathan BAILEY 36 79 Optimist Trials @IOCAUK View
OPTIMIST May,2014 Jonathan Bailey 36 71 28th RYA Eric Twiname Championships - Optimist View
Handicap December,2018 Jonathan BAILEY 32 86 Grafham GP, Slow - @SeldenMasts View
RS Aero February,2019 Jonathan BAILEY 28 48 RS Aero Winter Champs View
OPTIMIST August,2014 Jonathan BAILEY 22 72 Optimist Nationals - Junior Silver Fleet View
RS Tera April,2017 Jonathan Bailey 15 31 Pro @RSTeraSailingUK Springs View

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