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Results for Andy Davis

Class Type Date SailorName Rank FleetSize EventName
No Selection January,2012 Andy Davis 149 575 sailJuice Global Warmup View
MERLIN-ROCKET October,2011 ANDY DAVIS 3 25 Merlin Rocket Open Event View
topper xenon October,2011 Andy Davis 9 25 2011 Endeavour Trophy Championship View
SOLO July,2011 Andy Davis 3 96 Nationals View
MERLIN-ROCKET June,2011 Andy Davis 3 36 Craftinsure Silver Tiller series View
MERLIN-ROCKET May,2011 Andy Davis 2 34 Inlands View
MERLIN-ROCKET June,2010 Andy Davis 4 21 Merlin Rocket Silver Tiller View
Handicap February,2010 Andy DAVIS 4 176 Rutland Challenge for the John Merricks Tiger Trophy View
Handicap January,2010 Andy Davis 2 70 Starcross Steam Pursuit Race View
MERLIN-ROCKET August,2009 Andy Davis 3 58 National Championships View
MERLIN-ROCKET March,2009 Andy Davis 1 30 Hamble Warmin Pan View
SOLO January,2009 Andy Davis 4 50 Winter Championships View
Handicap January,2009 Andy Davis 10 56 Steve Nicholson Memorial Trophy - Double Handers View
Merlin Rocket August,2008 Andy Davis 4 78 Nationals View
Handicap April,2008 Andy Davis 173 212 Glyn Charles Open Pursuit Race View

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