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Results for Jake BOWHAY

Class Type Date SailorName Rank FleetSize EventName
LASER September,2018 Jake BOWHAY 16 22 Laser Q View
LASER RADIAL September,2017 Jake BOWHAY 16 61 Radial Q @IntLaserClass View
TOPPER September,2014 Jake BOWHAY 15 31 RYA South Zone Championships - Topper View
LASER RADIAL April,2017 Jake Bowhay 14 53 RYA Youths Radial B @IntLaserClass View
LASER RADIAL April,2018 Jake BOWHAY 14 56 Radial Q @IntLaserClass View
LASER RADIAL August,2017 Jake BOWHAY 13 74 Radial Nationals @IntLaserClass View
TOPPER May,2015 Jake BOWHAY 13 153 Topper Inlands View
TOPPER February,2016 Jake BOWHAY 10 153 Topper Winters View
TOPPER April,2016 Jake BOWHAY 9 151 Topper Inlands View
LASER July,2019 Jake BOWHAY 8 37 Laser Nationals View
TOPPER August,2016 Jake BOWHAY 7 88 Topper Nationals @gbrtopper View
TOPPER July,2016 Jake Bowhay 6 33 Topper Open View
TOPPER September,2013 Jake BOWHAY 2 2 RYA South Zone Championships 2013 - Topper Regatta Fleet View
TopS September,2015 Jake BOWHAY 2 RYA South and South West Zone Championships 2015 View
TOPPER April,2016 Jake BOWHAY 1 132 Topper NS3 View

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